Choosing the right place to buy is essential for those considering owning a bearded dragon. As an enthusiast who has thoroughly studied and visited PetSmart and Petco, I would like to offer some helpful views to help you make an informed decision based on various variables.

Let me start by talking about the living spaces that both shops provide. Bearded dragons from PetSmart and Petco are usually kept in individual cages, each with a prominent label that includes vital details like age, gender, and feeding regimen.

During my trips to both locations, I noticed that Petco often has a more excellent selection of bearded dragon variants than PetSmart.

Those seeking a certain hue or pattern could find this diversity intriguing. It’s also important to remember that living circumstances at these establishments might vary, even within outlets in the same chain.

I suggest you visit your local Petco and PetSmart stores to see the general health and well-being of the bearded dragons on exhibit.

The knowledge of each store’s employees is an essential factor to consider. A knowledgeable and caring staff can give important information on bearded dragon maintenance and helpful suggestions on choosing the ideal pet.

In my experience, Petco employees are typically more knowledgeable about caring for reptiles, especially bearded dragons.

They frequently participate in training courses designed especially for reptiles, which can lead to better guidance and care.

On the other hand, because they serve a wide range of pets, PetSmart employees could possess more profound expertise.

This does not imply, however, that they need to be more experienced in caring for bearded dragons. It’s a good idea to discuss the dragons, their needs for care, and any particular worries you may have with the personnel at both establishments.



The availability of supplies and accessories for your bearded dragon is an additional factor to consider. Various goods are available at Petco and PetSmart, including substrate, heating components, lights, and tanks.

In my investigation, I discovered that PetSmart generally has a broader assortment of items for reptiles.

However, the availability could change based on the particular place and its stocking restrictions. Another important consideration for many potential bearded dragon owners is price.

When I compared prices, I found that PetSmart and Petco had bearded dragons for a comparable starting price.

However, ongoing food, supplies, and veterinary care expenses could vary.

It’s a good idea to research the costs of necessary supplies for your bearded dragon and account for them in your selection.

Return guidelines and health assurances are two further factors that can influence your decision. PetSmart and Petco often provide health warranties that let you return an unwell or ill-bearded dragon for a replacement or refund for a few periods following purchase.

The particular policies of the store you select may differ, so make sure you know them. In conclusion, carefully evaluating several variables is necessary when determining whether to purchase a bearded dragon from Petco or PetSmart.

You may make an educated choice by going to many of each store’s locations, chatting with the employees, and evaluating the living circumstances of the bearded dragons that are on show.









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