As you guys are aware the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake took place in 2023, which lead to the ruin of the country. So far there is no such evidence that the recent earthquake in Turkey has significantly affected the dog population in the affected region. However, natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. can hurt both wild and domestic animal populations, including dogs.

During earthquakes, animals can become displaced or lose access to food and water sources. Domestic dogs may also become separated from their owners, leading to potential abandonment or harm. Wild animals may also experience similar effects, as well as loss of habitat as we humans do.

Thousands of buildings have collapsed, and several videos show the moment they fell as onlookers ran for cover. Many 12-story-high buildings have been flattened, roads have been destroyed by both wildlife and human, and there are massive mountains of rubble as far as the eye can see.

In the aftermath of an earthquake in turkey, rescue and recovery efforts often prioritize human needs, which can leave animals at a disadvantage. However, some animal welfare organizations did provide care for displaced or injured animals. This included providing food, shelter, medical attention, etc. After a devastating earthquake struck Turkey and northern Syria, India, and South Korea are among the nations sending rescue personnel and supplies.

It is important to note that accurate information about the impact of an earthquake on animal populations can be difficult to determine, as these numbers may not be readily available or reliable. In addition, the effects of an earthquake on animal populations can vary greatly depending on the location and magnitude of the disaster.

While the recent earthquake in Turkey may have had some impact on the local dog population, it is unlikely that it has significantly depleted their numbers. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the potential impact of natural disasters on both wild and domestic animal populations and to take steps to help mitigate these effects whenever possible.

During the shaking, dogs in Turkey became terrified and confused, causing them to flee or hide. In some cases, dogs were injured by falling objects or while attempting to flee a collapsing building.

Furthermore, the earthquake in Turkey caused environmental damage, including damage to roads, bridges, and buildings, making it difficult for dogs to find food and water. as a result, in the future to keep your dog safe during an earthquake, set up a safe space for them, such as a crate or designated room, and make sure they have identification tags in case they get lost.

Why Do We Need To Take Care Of Wildlife (Dog) When Any Natural Calamity Like An Earthquake Occurs?

Natural disasters, such as falling debris, broken glass, and contaminated water, can put dogs in danger. You can help ensure your dog’s safety and protect them from harm by taking care of them during these events.

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Dogs are loyal and affectionate companions, and caring for them during a crisis can help strengthen your relationship with them. Dogs can provide emotional support and comfort during times of stress and uncertainty. Taking care of your dog during a natural disaster can help relieve your stress and restore your sense of normalcy.

It is your responsibility as a dog owner or showing humanity to provide for your pet’s needs and ensure their well-being. Taking care of your dog in the event of a natural disaster is part of that responsibility.

Are Dogs Scared Of Earthquakes?

Yes, dogs can be frightened by earthquakes. Earthquakes are often frightening and disorienting for dogs, making them a traumatic experience. The ground beneath them may tremble, objects may fall and make loud noises, and the entire environment may become unstable. All of these factors can set off a dog’s natural fear response, causing them to become scared and anxious.

When an earthquake occurs, dogs may exhibit distress behaviors such as whining, barking, panting and shaking. They may also attempt to hide or flee, and in some cases, become aggressive. This is due to their natural instinct to protect themselves from perceived danger.

Earthquakes can cause physical harm to dogs in addition to fear. For example, they could be injured by falling objects or while attempting to flee a collapsing building. They may also become disoriented during an earthquake and struggle to find their way back to their owners.

A few precautions must be taken to reduce the negative effects of earthquakes on dogs. To begin, make a safe space for your dog, such as a designated room or crate, and make sure they have identification tags in case they get lost. Second, prepare for an earthquake by storing your dog’s food, water, and any necessary medications in a secure location.


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